Multi Chan Hax- It’s all kinds of awesome!

Multi Chan Hax

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If you are relatively new to making clothing or skins you might turn to a more experienced content creator with what you belive is a simple question. The most common replies are:

“Just keep at it, you’ll get there eventually.”
“Wear the templates to understand where things go.”
“It’s trial and error.”
“Seams are difficult to match up.”

This can be discouraging but it shouldn’t be. The truth is they’re not hiding any secrets from you. There really isn’t a magical answer, and yes, you should run around in a template suit even when you’re experienced! That advice is fantastic advice…

But Multi Chan Hax is all kinds of awesome!!!

Why is Multi Chan Hax all kinds of awesome? Because it gives Second Life clothing and skin creators a whole range of different template layouts to choose from! With Multi Chan Hax you are no longer limited to texturing the standard…

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